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        Aibao Electric Wire adheres to the craftsman spirit of humanism, brand, quality, and excellence in its operation philosophy, providing high-end customers with the best products and solutions, continuously improving their professional level, and better serving customers.

        The Aibao brand is produced and operated by Lien Technology. Fujian Lien Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end cable intelligent manufacturing enterprise that focuses on the research and development, design, production, marketing, and service of cables. It maintains in-depth cooperation with authoritative domestic research institutes and expert teams for wires and cables, is committed to developing high-performance aerospace and aviation cables, introducing military technology into civilian products, and owns nearly 100 invention patents and core utility patent technologies, It has been awarded the honorary titles of "National High and New Technology Enterprise", "National Specialized and Special New Small Giant Enterprise", "Leading Enterprise of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Small Giant", "Specialized and Special New Small and Medium Enterprise of Fujian Province", and "Fuzhou Enterprise Technology Center".

        The company's products cover high and low voltage wires and cables, rubber sheathed cables, alloy cables, mineral insulated cables, branch cables, environmental protection and energy saving household wiring, and security wires and cables. The company has passed national mandatory product certification (CCC certification), quality management system certification (ISO9001), environmental management system certification (ISO14001), occupational health and safety management system certification (GB/T28001-2011), and other authoritative certifications, The products are widely used in fields such as green buildings, smart grids, energy power, intelligent manufacturing, and have the ability to provide high-quality cables for key projects at all levels at home and abroad. They have established long-term service strategic partnerships with many large real estate developers, State Grid, China Construction Group, China Railway Group, China Communications Group, China Metallurgical Group, Gezhouba Group, Construction Engineering Group, and other enterprises, Awarded as "Brand Service Demonstration Enterprise" and "Industry Honesty and Credibility Demonstration Enterprise".

        Because of you, I am grateful. Every step of the growth and prosperity of Lien Technology is inseparable from the care and support of all sectors of society and users. The expansion and service of the Li En brand have spread throughout the country. With excellent management, high-quality products, and professional services, Li En has established a good reputation in the community, striving to create a first-class brand enterprise in the production and sales of domestic cables.

        • 電話:400-7026-333
        • 郵箱:18605077711@qq.com
        • 生產商:福建禮恩科技有限公司
        • 地址:中國福建閩清禮恩工業園